We have extended our season through April 16th!
We have extended our season through April 16th!
We have extended our season through April 16th! 

A Salute to the Best

13 April
Categories : GM Update
Posted by Randy Stroud

Golden Butterflies – Each year we recognize those on our staff who have gone far beyond the boundaries of their job description.  Our Executive team received numerous nominations from other employees and spent hours mulling over who should be selected. The most important criteria to win is not that one does their job well (most of our folks do) but what does the employee do that helps other employees and/or guests have an improved environment. It’s not easy to select one above another since we have so many employees that buy into our vibe. Here are our winners:

L-R: Michelle McManus, Dom Marinucci, Matt Robinson, Norm Lastovica, Linda Lee, Ted Champion, Kathryn Wadsworth, Lanette Hartman (not present)

Domenico MarinucciRentals: He is pure energy … truly a kind spirit … fantastic with guests … will help wherever needed and does so with that kind spirit. Dom is who we all hope our guests identify with when they think of Monarch.

Lanette Hartman – Ski School: She is adept at coordinating many moving parts … extremely well organized … instrumental in elevating the department even through this pandemic and its many changes … great at communicating and disseminating information even when all the norms of communications changed … a shining star and quiet as a church mouse … know doubt that many believe she is on the management team by the way she comports herself.  She should be.

Matthew Robinson – F&B: This is one employee that consistently has a good attitude and has been a pleasure to interact with on a daily basis …  A returning employee who has learned many roles with various departments … another who is very quiet but whose actions and character speak much louder than any words.

Norman Lastovica – Ski Patrol: Norm is one of the first part time employees to be given this award … yet has played a role in numerous ways through several departments.  This individual is someone who simply oozes the family nature of who we are.  Although not here full time Norm leaves a full-time impression.  He’s the Silver Fox. 

Edward Champion – Events: Ted puts everyone around him in a good mood which is what we need more than ever.  Has been asked to do so many different jobs and never hesitates to say “yes.” In short, this is an exemplary employee who is always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty while showing an incredible level of kindness to fellow employees and guests alike.  I appreciate this one greatly since to me it represents how true the statement is:  “It’s not about being knocked down, but how one rises back up.”  That is the heart of a champion.  That is Ted Champion.

Presidents’ Award – Kathryn Wadsworth: This year’s recipient is one that exudes confidence and helps all others believe that anything is possible.  My day is always better when I know Kathryn is around because I know that whatever issue, goal, or crisis may arise I can count on this one to dive in and help … no matter the situation.  Both on site and off site Kathryn oozes Monarch and its collective aura and one of my most trusted ambassadors.

Black Diamond – Department of the Year – Rentals: Michelle McManus, Adam Dickson, and Natalie Wray all played a significant role in turning this department around and making it a shining example to all other departments on culture building. This department has completely improved on almost every level and went far beyond its doors to help other departments when their chips were down.  They can now boast about this for all next season.  Maybe they win it again?  Who’s to say?

Special thanks to Linda Lee and Julia Johannesen who helped us all season as our Infectious Control Advisors. Could not have done it without them.

Needless to say, thanks to these folks and all the others who complete our team, I love working here.

Thank you for a great season.  See you next year. 

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