Bomb Cyclone

13 March
Categories : Mountain Ops
Posted by Scott Pressly

We are in store for what is described as Bombogenesis or a Bomb Cyclone. This weather system occurs at mid-latitude locations when atmospheric pressure drops incredibly quickly (24mb in 24 hrs). With this type of pressure drop, the storm intensifies and begins to spin counterclockwise in the form of a cyclone.

In this case, the pressure gradient is due in large part to the strong differences in temperature between the warm subtropical air mass coming out of the gulf and the cold Arctic air dropping from the north. When you have a super tight gradient like this, these powerful sources of energy can develop. Winds increase, precipitation does as well, and tornados can form. Winds experienced in these types of storms are similar to what is found in a lower category Hurricane.

The bulk of the storm will be felt in Eastern Colorado and north to south from the Dakotas to Texas https://salud-hombres.com/. It’s quite rare for the Great Plains to experience a bomb cyclone. The good news is that most of our friends from Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma are already at Monarch. Bombs away!

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