We have extended our season through April 16th!
We have extended our season through April 16th!
We have extended our season through April 16th! 

Focusing on Our Soul

12 May
Categories : GM Update
Posted by Randy Stroud

Well, as you know, the world turned upside down beginning in March and got drastically more complicated on March 14.   This season was without a doubt one to remember.  In the middle of February we were tracking to have our most successful seasons ever.  We had increased our number of season pass-holders by 36% and the amount of times each one used their pass was the highest rate in our history.  Ironically, it really wasn’t due to an abundance of snow.  We certainly had a plentiful base, but it was not like the season before, when every weekend was a powder weekend.  It was simply a sign that we were a nice place to be.  It felt nice to be appreciated.  The forecast looked so bright that we put together an aggressive plan for capital improvements over the next 3 seasons, culminating in the expansion into No Name Basin.  All our ducks were in a row and there was a genuine excitement in the air.  Then the COVID Cloud settled right on top of us and we were forced to close March 15.  Since our economic forecast was based on being open through March and even well into April, all of those potential gains were effectively erased, overnight.  It became immediately clear that these projects would have to go on the back burner.  Even though having those assets in the future would be great to have, it paled in comparison to making sure we commit to the asset that makes us so well appreciated; our employees. Our plan?  Do whatever necessary to keep our year-round staff working because without them our soul would be lost, and our brand would mean little.  So, thankfully, they are still working, from home mostly, but working and keeping the faith.  Not spending now will help us in the future.  Even our owners have pitched in to keep us together by waiving their quarterly disbursements for the year.  So … we are here … our heads are up and looking forward.  Stay tuned.

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