Holiday Parking

02 January
Categories : Mountain Ops
Posted by Scott Pressly

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. With everyone having an extended break from school & work at the same time, the days over the Christmas and New Years Holidays are a very popular time to head to the mountains for some skiing & riding.

Our Base Area Services crew does an amazing job fitting everyone in and running all the shuttles to our satellite lots during this time. We utilize “The Paradise Lot” located above the Vehicle Maintenance shop and adjacent to the Tubing Park which can hold about 250 extra cars & trucks. This lot provides slope-side access without a shuttle or our guests can choose to shuttle from here.

On the biggest days of the holiday period, we also park our employees at the Monarch Crest located at the top of the pass. The satellite lots add hours of shuttling duties for the department. It also adds an extra load for our Vehicle Maintenance Department keeping buses running and extra plowing work for our Slope Maintenance crew during the night shift.

The parking lot staff has been working hard during the last couple of weeks. They are the first ones to show up in the morning and the last ones to wrap up their day of work. This is not an easy job. They are tasked with fitting everyone in who shows up to ski, ride & tube. I have been to some of the mega resorts and been shuttled for 20 minutes after paying $20 for parking. Our parking is FREE! Nothing is far away at Monarch (no matter where you are parked). Be nice to these guys and gals in our lots. You have arrived at Monarch. Enjoy!

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