Kids on Cats

01 April
Categories : Mountain Ops
Posted by Scott Pressly

To celebrate April 1st, we have a cat full of our best little rippers out in the backcountry on our miniature passenger snowcat. These kids really know how to send it! With their limited stature, the kids are going deep and getting face shots on just about every run.

There have been a few tears shed this morning when little Johnny’s feet hurt from his ski boots, but hey…no pain, no gain! If he hadn’t put them on backwards, I don’t think there would have been a problem to begin with. Ellie had a giant meltdown as well when she didn’t want to carry her skis from the end of the run back to the snowcat. Of course, our professional guides have gone ahead and set the bar really, really low on any expectations for the day. The main goal is to keep it fun and wrap up the morning ahead of any further tantrums. Quit while you’re ahead is the battle cry for the day!

Grilled cheese, french-fries and hot cocoa will be served for lunch to satiate their appetite after a big morning of slaying pow. The chef also plans to sneak a fruit and vegetable in there even though these usually end up on the floor. Lunch will be followed by a short nap and a Disney movie. After the mid-day break, the kiddos will return to the BC to stomp a little air session and partake in a scavenger hunt. It’s all about the kids!

This post is for all the parents who take their kids skiing. Keep up the good work and Happy April Fool’s Day.

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