Last Cornice

10 July
Categories : Mountain Ops
Posted by Scott Pressly

The last few bits of snow are hanging on. In 2019 there was still enough snow to make turns in Mirkwood on the 4th of July. This year we just have a few remnants of cornices lingering on the ridgelines.

Every snow year has its own personality. The 2019-20 winter was characterized by an early snowfall that allowed us to open on Nov 1st (our earliest opening in 50 years!). Then we waited about four weeks for any additional snow which arrived just a few days before Thanksgiving. From there on, it was a steady and consistent winter through February with reliable storms adding to our base. The spring months then dried out with very little snow through March, April and May.

Due to this dry spring, the Arkansas River peaked in late May instead of its normal time-frame in June. We have had a few afternoon showers starting up lately and hopefully we can get into a regular pattern of this in July and August (monsoon season). The models don’t look great for this happening, but we will keep our fingers crossed for some additional moisture in the mountains.

Mirkwood Cornice
Mirkwood Cornice
Mirkwood Cornice
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