Panorama Rope Splice

We recently conducted a rope splice on the Panorama lift cable. This takes place during the installation of a new haul line on a lift or when slack needs to be removed from an existing line.  The lift cable on a chairlift is not one single cable, it is comprised of 6 main strands with 19 smaller wires in each one.  The rope splice involves cutting the strands of the haul rope in different areas along the line.  These different lengths are determined by the diameter of the line.  The haul rope with its loose strands of varying lengths is then brought together in what is called “The marriage”.  From this point, all six strands with their different lengths are re-woven back together working up and down the line as tucks are made along the way.  This requires a large number of people working together to wind each strand up and around the line as the rope splice technician assures that all the strands are placed back in their proper order.  As the strands are wound back around the haul rope, he helps to fit them back into the line using two opposing steel hammers.

This specialized process was performed by Knight Equipment Company out of Bowling Green, MO.  This is a family business that first began back in 1945 and they have passed the skill onto each successive generation.  Watching these guys’ expertise in weaving the strands of cable back together is something to see.  There is no doubt, RJ is a pro…and quite a character.