earliest season pass pricing good through today 6/1/23.
earliest season pass pricing good through today 6/1/23.
earliest season pass pricing good through today 6/1/23.  

Recreation Reigns

01 July
Categories : GM Update
Posted by Randy Stroud

Always around the Fourth of July weekend I get to thinking about how fortunate we are for our independence.  Even during this crisis, I see evidence of this gratefulness everywhere.  Travelers are streaming into the county as if there were no crisis at all.  Our rafting friends are reporting that their visits are not only up over last season, but they are having to turn people away because they are sold out.  And, the county is holding steady with regard to positive cases.  Kudos for all the hard work Chaffee County officials are doing.  Can’t beat the great outdoors for being able to feel that independence we all crave. 

It’s hard not to reflect on Monarch’s independence as well.  Since 1939 we have been able to hang on to the ideal that we simply want to be able to be who we are without the encumbrance of other’s demands.  In contrast to the big box products out there we can control our own destiny.  We are not burdened with real estate acquisitions, hotel occupancy rates, or extravagant bubble chairs. We are not over extended because we are focused.  We simply are who we want to be; outdoor enthusiasts.  Even more to the point, we are skiers and riders.  Although this COVID nightmare is still upon us, I am feeling more excited every day about what the future holds because the people have spoken; we want to be outdoors, we want to be freed from the shackles of our homes, and we absolutely want to celebrate our independence.  We are doing it right now and we will do it again once the snow flies.  Hallelujah to that.

Stay tuned for the next blog.  I’ll have some updated pictures for you of the Sidewinder Saloon and all the changes we have been making to the lodge.  Happy Fourth of July!

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