We have extended our season through April 16th!
We have extended our season through April 16th!
We have extended our season through April 16th! 

Room to Grow

02 June
Categories : GM Update
Posted by Randy Stroud

One thing that has become clear to us while looking into adapting our environment to this new normal is that the changes we are implementing will be an improvement not only now, but for now on. Overcrowding is the bane of our existence, mostly on weekends and Holidays, and it has become obvious to us that we have been turning a blind eye to some of the issues it creates for our guests.  Now, with eyes wide open, we see that we can make adjustments to various areas in the lodge and lift lines that will greatly improve the ease and comfort level for all of our guests.  Let’s take the Sidewinder Saloon for example.  Although I may be biased, this is one of the most iconic ski resort pubs in the State.  Its popularity has grown substantially over the last several years, especially since it’s biggest remodel in 2012.  Yet, who among us hasn’t been in there on a cold day and thought how crazy packed it was, and how chaotic it felt.  Although sometimes we are looking for that kind of excitement, generally it’s simply a sign of overcrowding.  We can do better.  We are starting from scratch, taking all the tables and loose chairs out of the room and putting in booth seating, which will feel more cozy and be easier to clean.  A host will greet you at the door and take you to a seat.  We are also creating an area of the bar designated solely for to go orders, for those who cannot get a seat at their desired time or for those who simply want to take it out to the deck or other location.  There will be fewer seats at the bar and in the restaurant area, but the service and attention to detail will be significantly increased.  With the fewer seats we will be introducing new Food and Beverage locations to visit.  Stay tuned.  In the end, what we will need to get accustomed to is that we may have to choose different times to eat with our friends and family rather than everyone showing up at noon and expecting a seat.  In my experience, I try to be out of the Sidewinder by Noon, or don’t come in until 1PM or later.  That has worked well for me.  Any rate, changes are coming, and it is pretty exciting.  Promise.

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