We have extended our season through April 16th!
We have extended our season through April 16th!
We have extended our season through April 16th! 

Signing Off … Temporarily

21 April
Categories : GM Update
Posted by Randy Stroud

Thank you all again for visiting us this season.  I am signing off for the summer since most of what I would be discussing is what Scott Pressly our VP of Mountain Ops is already doing in his blog.  He is super informative, so try and keep up with Scott, if you can.  Last season I felt it necessary to speak out to all of you directly, rather than you having to guess what the upper management and ownership were planning or not planning, for that matter, for this weird season.  Being transparent was the objective and I truly hope you found it useful in your decision making.  As expected, the enthusiasm for outdoor recreation during this cooped-up year was higher than ever with Monarch receiving more visits than ever before.  With your help we were successful at reducing weekend visits by nearly a thousand each day and increasing the weekday visits by a few hundred each day.  Once the dust settled, we somehow ended up with more visits than ever. 

I am making the assumption that by next season we should be back to relatively normal operations where we can sit and commune like we used to.  That is my hope of course.  We learned a lot this last season and very much like the emphasis on prioritizing our Season Pass Holders with all access all the time.  Not only was that comforting, but it ensured that their experience on the weekends and holidays were less crowded than they had been in the past.  That improvement in the guest experience is something we will likely want to continue.  So, the same will be true for next season where we will limit peak day access of online or window tickets and the only way to ensure one can ski any day of the season is to commit to a season pass.  Many of you have already done so.  Thank you. 

We have many projects on our plate this summer including expanded parking in the Paradise lot, tree removal, enhanced Pano Flats restaurant improvements, the introduction of RFID ticketing, and much more.  Stay tuned to Scott’s blog as we roll these out throughout the summer.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the Bechtel family for all that they have done for us this season.  Avery, Josh, Parker, and Rowen are pure examples of our family vibe.  We have been photographing them all season so we can show the world their family aura. They really make everything in life a pure experience.  Through their eyes we kind of see ourselves.  You guys are awesome. Thank you.

Thanks again for making this past season one of the most memorable ones of all time!


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