People always ask, “What do you do up there in the summer?”.  While we do not currently offer summer activities on the mountain for the public, there is still plenty to do during the off-season.
The Lift and Vehicle Maintenance departments work on the chairlifts, snowcats and conduct repairs on the ever-growing fleet of machines.  The Mountain Crew assists with construction projects in addition to handling trail and timber projects.  Patrol dials in signage and the boundary management system while assisting with other on mountain projects.  Lift Operations and Property Maintenance focus on maintaining and updating our base area and on mountain structures.
On the other side of things…Sales, Marketing, and Reservations are busy creating collateral, implementing campaigns, selling season passes, booking groups and cat skiing trips for next season.  Our IT department updates the numerous programs, installs new hardware, and maintains the digital communications network.  The bills don’t stop arriving in the summer, so Accounting and HR continue with paying invoices and taking care of payroll.  Administration helps to coordinate it all while planning for next year and beyond.
Capital expenditure projects are a big part of our summer efforts.  These projects are planned for during the previous year (or earlier) and are constructed during the summer so that they may be implemented for the following winter season verkkosivu.  We are well underway on these types of projects and I will provide updates along the way on several of them as they unfold.  Time to get back to work!