That’s a Wrap!

07 April
Categories : GM Update
Posted by Randy Stroud

We will close for the season April 11, 2021.  Although we had a little delay in opening, we were still able to get 136 days of skiing in.  That happens to be our exact average of how many days we are normally open.  I can not thank you all enough for accepting the challenge this season presented.  From the beginning we knew we would have to collaborate for us to comply with the rules set forth by the Health Department.  As it turns out that “takes Two to Tango” thing was actually more like a group Macarena dance.  So … we here at Monarch salute you, and hope that you enjoyed being outdoors as much as we did.

I also would like to thank my staff.  We have nearly 50 who work year-round and 300 that work seasonally.  It takes all 350 to keep the bull wheels turning. A special shout out to the team who worked so hard throughout the planning process and throughout the season to ensure we were at all times making the best effort to comply with the COVID rules even as they changed from time to time. Scott Pressly, BL Holdinghaus, Zach Moore, Cara Freeman, Malcolm Wilbur, Jake Pahlke, Linda Lee, Julia Johannessen, Carol Novak, Mark Pietraniec and so many more deserve the bulk of the credit for creating an environment that was, yes, constraining, but still enjoyable.  This was difficult at times.  We struggled like most dealing with the isolation issues, the lack of contact, the constant fear hovering everywhere. It has changed us.

In my first letter to all of you I projected that we would most likely be able to ski just like always, but what we would likely lose is the ability to socialize as we were accustomed to doing. That indeed was the case.  I have not high fived anyone in over a year and it’s one of my favorite things to do with employees and guests alike. Frankly, the fake high fives and elbow touches just don’t cut it.  All those air gestures only helped cement the fact that we were no longer connected like we used to be.  Yes, it is too soon to know for sure what will transpire next season, but I can only hope that we can connect again like we used too.  Although this has changed us it has also changed the way we think about not only our systems and processes, but everyday life.  We have learned more than we ever expected, and we will implement these positive changes next season for the betterment of all involved., I promise.  Stay tuned to the website and newsletters so that you can stay on top of some of these changes as they happen in real time. 

Thank you for supporting us.  Your presence has helped lift us.  Enjoy your summer and I seriously hope to high five you soon!

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