Vehicle Maintenance-Track Work

05 August
Categories : Mountain Ops
Posted by Scott Pressly

The Vehicle Maintenance crew is going though our fleet of snowcats.  Each snowcat has many moving parts.  One of the areas on the machine that takes the most abuse are the tracks of the snowcat.  These parts on the machine penetrate the snow enabling the cat to climb and descend the snow covered slopes on the mountain.  With each of these cats weighing thousands of pounds, the tracks often strike hidden rocks or stumps lying just under the surface.  Each track must be evaluated looking for cracked or broken grousers, plates, or bolts.  Each track on the snowcat also utilizes five belts that may need be replaced.  This involves removing removing hundreds of bolts and plates so that the belt can be removed and then reversing the process when installing the new one.  The hoist that was purchased during the 2017-18 capital expenditures sure helps expedite this process while providing a safer work space for the crew.

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