No Reservation Required

Parking at Monarch is free. Base Area Services staff are onsite daily starting at 7:00am to guide you to the next available spot starting from the front to the back of a lot, and never spot saving. Please follow their directions as they are tasked with making the most of our limited parking capacity.

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays – if you are visiting on these busy days and arrive between 9:30 and 1:30, you can expect the main and lower lots to be full. When this is the case, you will be directed to park in our outlying lots, the Paradise (upper) lot and then the Crest lot at the top of Monarch Pass. Shuttles will run regularly on these days.

Because of our limited parking capacity, we encourage you to carpool, ride share…etc., especially on busy days and powder days. Please be a part of the solution. Thank-you.

Parking Lots

Upon arriving to Monarch, you’ll be greeted by our Base Area Services (BAS) staff waving orange flags to guide you to a parking space. Please follow their directions. If you are in a large or long vehicle, they will direct you to an area suited for the size of your vehicle.

During weekends and peak times oversize vehicles, including RVs and those hauling trailers, will be directed to park at the Crest. Stop in the main lot at the mountain first to talk to a BAS crew member to coordinate a shuttle to bring guests down to the ski area. At 12:00 drivers of oversize vehicles may ask the BAS crew if there is space in the Main lot or Paradise Lot. If space allows, oversize vehicles will be permitted to move down from the Crest at that time.

The Paradise lot has ski in/ski out access and is open for you to park in on most days. Shuttles run from Paradise to the main lodge on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and any day when the main lot is full. On these days shuttles run on rotation from 9am to 4:30pm. There are also restrooms at the NE corner of the lot for your convenience. If you have your gear and grill with you, this is a great place for tailgating. Please note that getting back out to the lot can be tricky if the Breezeway lift is not open.

The Crest parking lot is located two miles from our main lot at the top of Monarch Pass. Shuttles run from the Crest lot to the main lodge on any day when the Crest lot is required for overflow parking. On these days shuttles will run on a regular basis until 5:00pm. The Monarch Mountain at the Crest Visitor Center will be open to the general public from 8am to 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you have a need to drop off or pick up people near the building, there is a brief (5 min.) drop off/pick up zone near the doors of the south tunnel entrance of the main lodge. This is not a waiting zone; if your party is not ready to be dropped off or picked up, keep your vehicle moving, out of this area and do not block traffic. A driver must stay with the vehicle. No loitering in this area.

Skis, poles or snowboards are not allowed in or through the main lodge building.

Designated ADA parking is available near the south tunnel entrance of the main lodge. A Disabled Parking placard is required for vehicles using ADA parking. This parking allows accessible entry into the main lodge and an elevator or stair lift to move throughout the floors. Vehicles parked in ADA parking without a placard will be asked to move, and then towed if in non-compliance. For our accessibility policy, please see

During the ski season, Uphill Travel users arriving prior to 7:30am are required to park in the area next to the Water Treatment Plant in the lower lot near the purple light, and stay clear of snow plowing operations. Outside of the ski season, uphill users should be aware that parking lot gates are unlocked only during operating hours; these hours are posted on the entrance gate (don’t get locked inside!)

Uphill Travel

There are six (three dual port) EV charging stations at Monarch Mountain located in the Lower Lot on the west side of the Wastewater Treatment Plant (see photo).

EV+ChargingTo use a charging station download the EV+Charging app prior to your arrival at the mountain. Once parked at a station, scan the QR code on the station and follow the instructions.


Do not leave your car parked at a charging station for more than 4 hours.

HOURS: In-season (winter) 7am-5pm everyday; Off-season (summer) 7am-4pm Mon-Thu.

While at the station, if you need assistance, please ask any of the parking lot staff.

EV Charging Stations

What if I’m locked out of my car?
Our BAS staff are onsite 7:00am – 4:30pm to help with vehicle issues. Visit our Guest Services desk to sign a Release Waiver and they can help from there.

What if my car dies and I can’t move it?
Visit our Guest Services desk and we will notify our BAS staff for assistance.

I lost my car keys – what do I do?
Go to Guest Services (lost & found) in the main lodge for assistance. Guest Services closes at 4:30.

Do you have charging stations for electric vehicles?
Yes, we have 3 stations with 6 ports in the Lower lot by the Wastewater Treatment Plant. See the EV CHARGING tab.

Can I park or idle my car in a fire lane?
No, fire lanes must be kept clear at all times. See “Skier Drop Off + Accessibility Parking” for where drop off areas are located. If you need help finding a parking spot, look for our BAS staff in orange and they can direct you

Where is the best place to tailgate?
In Paradise, of course! Even if no shuttles are running for overflow parking, the upper Paradise lot is open for ski in/ski out access. Be aware, though, that if the Breezeway lift is closed, the ski out route can be tricky.

Can I leave my car overnight?
No overnight parking, including camping, is allowed in our lots except under emergency circumstances. If you have an emergency need to leave your car overnight, please notify Guest Services (719.530.5105) or Base Area Services (719.530.5150) so that we know not to have your vehicle towed.

Do you ever run out of parking?
Although very rare, it has happened once or twice on particularly busy days, especially when we’ve received a whole lot of snow AND it’s a weekend or holiday (powder hounds always arrive early!). This is why we ask that you heed the direction of the BAS parking attendants, carpool whenever possible, and arrive early when you have a reservation. When our main lots and upper, Paradise lot fills up, we will direct cars to the Crest lot at the top of Monarch Pass and shuttle folks. If ALL our lots fill up and there is absolutely no place to park, we will begin turning vehicles away until people start leaving and parking loosens up. There is NO parking on the highway!

Do you have a shuttle service from Salida or Buena Vista?
Monarch Mountain does not have public shuttles and encourages carpooling whenever possible. Here are some other options you might check out: