EV Chargers

One of our projects during the off-season involved adding new EV chargers here at the mountain and up at the Crest.  There are now six individual (three-dual port) JuiceBar EV charging stations at Monarch Mountain.  These stations are located in the Lower Lot on the west side of the WW Treatment Plant.  Additionally, there are two individual (one-dual port) charging stations up at the Crest near the SW corner of the main building.  To use one of the charging stations, you will need to download the “Activate EV” app and will need to set up an account.  It would be best to set these up prior to your arrival at the ski area to simplify the experience by saving time and ensuring connection for download.  Click HERE for the link to the Activate EV app.  Once you are parked, either scan the QR code on the station or open the app on your phone.  You will need a connection either through your phone service or WIFI.  Additional instructions are located on the side of the EV station.  There is a nominal cost for using the station of $0.35/kWh plus $5/hour after 4 hours.  After the initial 4 hours, it is preferred that you move your car to make room for others needing to charge their vehicle.  The hours for using these stations in-season (winter) will be from 7am-5pm everyday.  Off-season (summertime) it will be from 7am-4pm Mon-Thurs.  While at the station, if you need assistance, please ask any of our parking lot staff.  Just one more perk to enjoy here at Monarch this winter.