No Name-Draft Decision

The Environmental Assessment and Draft Decision Notice has been made available for the proposed No Name expansion at Monarch.  This project aims to add 377 acres of skiing and riding to our current special use permit area.  The expansion would include several cleared trails, gladed areas, an aerial ski lift and additional improvements.  This is a major milestone and one that has taken years of hard work by our team along with our partners at the USFS and the SE Group.

This is not the final step yet, but it does get us closer to the possibility of skiing and riding in No Name Basin.  With the publication of the Draft Decision Notice in February, it sets the stage for potentially obtaining a final decision before the snow melts this spring.  If the final decision is reached in this timeframe, we could then look at initiating the work in this area during the summer and fall of 2024.  If approved, we do plan on a two summer construction process which would make the 2025-26 winter season as our goal for opening this new terrain.

For more information on this latest development, please visit the USFS SOPA website for links to learn more about the proposed project.