Springtime Uphill Access

With the official operating season ending, we now turn exclusively to uphill access for finding turns on the mountain.

EVERYONE wishing to skin uphill at Monarch MUST have an uphill pass AND sign a waiverThis includes ALL Season Pass holders. This is a separate product from a season pass.  If you don’t have a valid 2023-24 Uphill Pass, you must stop by the Season Pass Desk here at the base lodge to pick up your FREE Uphill Pass.  The base lodge is open Mon-Thurs 8am-4pm.  There is NO CHARGE for the Uphill pass once we close.

This pass should be placed on your ski pants or your backpack so that it is easily visible to ski patrol. If your pass is not visible, you will be asked to show it.

Other operational items to be aware of in the Springtime vs. the Winter operating season.

  • All trails on the mountain are open for uphill and downhill routes.
  • After the ski season, grooming and mitigation work is not actively conducted.
  • Backcountry type conditions are present at the ski area including the increased risk of avalanches.  Ski with a partner, carry and know how to use rescue equipment.
  • There will be tear down operations this 1st week after closing, primarily on Monday and Tuesday that may include ropes strung across slopes and additional machinery and hazards on the mountain.
  • There will be plowing and other snow removal operations that create additional hazards in the base area and on the mountain.
  • This may include our summer road that runs across numerous ski trails.
  • Dogs are still not allowed due to safety and waste issues.
  • The gate from the highway to our parking lot has been installed and will be locked daily at 4pm. Gate will be locked on weekends.
  • Park outside the gate if planning to tour into the late afternoon or early evening.

For more info on our uphill access policy, please visit our website.