Thanksgiving Wknd

I hope that everyone is having a nice holiday with friends and family.  As you know,  we have had some snow but not quite enough to be open this year for the Thanksgiving weekend.  However, this is not all that unusual.  Looking back on our history we have had an opening date after the Thanksgiving holiday about one-third of the time.  (I only have data on our historical opening date for a bit more than fifty of our eighty four season history).  Under our current ownership group, we have seen this become a bit more frequent with nine of the last twenty-two years seeing opening dates after Thanksgiving.  This is not an operational change since we aim to open as soon as we have enough snow.  Just a few years ago, we were able to open on November 1st!  It appears to be a bit more of a shift with consistent snow arriving just a bit later in the fall and lingering further into late spring.  In fact, this will be the third consecutive season seeing an opening date after Thanksgiving.  The good news is that the weather pattern looks more promising in the next few weeks.  Our high elevation and position on the Continental Divide also gives us a geographical advantage and remember that all natural is worth the wait.  Stay positive, stay tuned and enjoy the holiday.