First Step

The following is a guest post from Randy Stroud, GM/COO

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As of Friday September 22, 2023 we have officially started the approval process for the project that has been top of mind for all of you … the No Name Basin terrain expansion project. The Master Development Plan that was accepted by the Forest Service back in 2011 was developed to address Monarch Mountain’s shortcomings in infrastructure that may affect the overall guest experience. It too intended to identify and anticipate future shortcomings should there be an increase in the number of guests over time. Since we indeed anticipated an increase in visits should we expand our terrain, we immediately went to work on improving our infrastructure to be ready for the day we cut the ribbon on the new No Name lift. Now twelve years later, and over 20 million dollars’ worth of capital improvements, we feel confident that that day has come. The approval process is now in the hands of the Forest Service who now will go forward with their time-tested step by step processes in educating the public and mitigating any challenges that may lay ahead. In the end, this day means one thing, that our dream of introducing more terrain to our guests is no longer simply a dream, it is the first official step in becoming a reality.

If you are at all as excited as we are, then please go to the Forest Service’s official comment page and express yourself.  Here you will find information about the project and its scope as well as a place to register your comments. Hopefully your energy will help move the process along … at the very least in a positive light. I thank you ahead of time. Cross your fingers and toes … the light is showing at the end of the tunnel.

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Randy Stroud, GM/COO