Pano Deck

We are once again using the Pano Flats area as a deck site for this summer’s logging ops. The harvester has completed all the cutting work up on the mountain and now the forwarder (seen below) is bringing the timber down to the main deck site at Pano. There are two additional small deck sites that we are using elsewhere on the mountain. For this year’s objective, we aimed to thin out the dead Engelmann Spruce trees from stands adjacent to Snowburn, Lower Outback & Shag, Geno’s, Little Mo/Ramble On, and a few other small tree islands near the base area & tubing park. Things are looking much more green and open in these areas now. Once the timber has been taken to the deck site, a self-loading logging truck can load up and transport the timber to market. Hauling this timber off site is underway and things should be all tidied up in a few weeks.

Pano Deck Site