Prepping the Slopes

03 December
Categories : Mountain Ops
Posted by Scott Pressly

The Slope Maintenance crew was able to get a few snowcats out to start track packing this week. This process helps to consolidate our basal snow layers while creating a snow surface that can better capture future snowfall. For the last few weeks, we had left our thin snowpack intact to help cover the slopes, reflect the sun, and cool the ground surface on the aspects that were holding some snow. With potential storms in the forecast next week, we are hopeful that it will be a short window before this prep work can help give us a head start to work any new snowfall.

As mentioned in my last post, there are some trails with decent coverage, but many others that are significantly lacking snow. There will still be a lot of work to do as much of our base area and many of our main trails leading into this area are very thin or lacking snow all together. Watch that forecast and keep your fingers crossed!

track packing freeway
Freeway (covered, but thin)
track packing skywalker
Lower Skywalker (upper Skywalker does not look like this)
a little corduroy
Lower Roundabout (upper Roundabout does not look like this)
Base Area…needs some help.
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