Winch Cat

13 November
Categories : Mountain Ops
Posted by Scott Pressly

The winch cat has been out on the mountain helping to set up the snow base on several intermediate and advanced trails. These steeper trails are being track-packed to retain the snow we have received while prepping many of them for the next round of snow. Trails that are being winch-packed early season include Doc’s, B’s Bash, Tele Alley, North Forty, Toddler, Romp, Upper Tango, Short & Sweet, Turbo, Mirage, JR’s, Ticaboo, Shagnasty, and Picante commander cialis pas cher.

These snowcats utilize an anchor point at the top of the trail where a cable is attached. The snowcat is then lowered down the slope using the tracks and the cable to control the machine. This cable may be stretched out for hundreds or thousands of feet between the machine and the anchor point during this process.

Uphill travelers that are at the ski area must stay clear of these machines while they are working. The cable may suddenly shift up or down or potentially side to side on the snow surface.

These snowcats can be identified by a blue strobe light and an orange banner near the anchor point that indicates winching is in progress. If you have any questions on their whereabouts, stop by Ski Patrol HQ to ask.

Remember, all uphill users must sign a release waiver and have a 2018-19 uphill ticket. Stop by the Season Pass desk to pick up yours.

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