A Little Restraint

18 November
Categories : Mountain Ops
Posted by Scott Pressly

As part of our upgrade to the Tumbelina Lift, we have added restraint bars to all 58 of the lift carriers. This will be the second lift at Monarch offering this feature (the Pioneer Lift is the other). This retrofit really made a lot of sense for this lift as part of our project.

The natural progression at Monarch for little ones is a lesson over at the Safari magic carpet with one of our amazing instructors. Next, they can work their way over to the Caterpillar Lift and although a bit longer, it’s the logical next step in the skiing/riding journey. The Caterpillar is an unintimidating magic carpet on a fully covered ride protected from the elements. Once at the top, the beginner friendly slopes of Butterfly and Snowflake stretch out below.

After mastering the covered carpet, it’s time for a beginner’s first aerial ride on the Tumbelina Lift. With the new restraint bars, the little ones, Moms, Dads and other folks a bit unsettled with heights will all feel a little more at ease on the ride up. Once they are feeling comfortable with loading and unloading an aerial lift and have sharpened their skills on Rookie, Lower Glade, Little Joe (& maybe even Beeline!), they can then head over to the Pioneer Lift. As mentioned, this is another lift with restraint bars and has a plethora of beginner and intermediate trails to further advance their skiing/riding proficiency.

While restraint bars are a nice feature on a chairlift, there is nothing more important than knowing the responsibility code and that prior to using any lift, you must have the knowledge and ability to load, ride and unload safely. Hopefully, Monarch’s beginner friendly progression helps to make this happen. Enjoy!

Lift Maintenance installing a restraint bar on a chair
Lift Maintenance installing a restraint bar
Restraint bar on a chair
Restraint bar ready for use
Mom and daughter trying out the new bars
Quinn and her Mom testing it out!
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