Cabin Project

31 August
Categories : Mountain Ops
Posted by Scott Pressly

One of our summer projects involves relocating an historic cabin. The cabin was one of the original structures at Monarch. It was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps back during the early days of the ski area. The structure is nearly identical to latrine structures built by the CCC between 1933 and 1942. This structure was likely used for the same purpose here at Monarch and we believe that this building was acquired in the early 1940’s. The cabin is built of peeled logs that have been painted and is ten to eleven courses high. It has a cupola vent in the center of the ridgeline and a hipped gable facade on either end. The roof is plank and is covered in wood shingles.

The cabin was moved from its original location in the parking lot near the original base lodge (which was known as the Inn Ferno. That’s a whole different post for another time). The cabin has been residing on the south end of our vehicle maintenance parking lot. It was being utilized as the Lift Maintenance office until just a few years ago. Lately, it has just been used as a storage shed. Our goal is to move this historic structure up onto the mountain where it can once again be used by Lift Maintenance. We plan to relocate it to the Pano Flats area where our mechanics can have a home base on the mountain and easily click into their skis to rapidly respond to any lift needs.

This project was included in our 2011 MDP and the NEPA review was completed on this earlier this summer. The concrete has been poured and we plan to move the cabin with a crane and trailer in September. Power will be installed to the building and renovations will occur at some point afterwards. We aim to preserve its unique attributes and have worked with Cultural Specialists at the USFS on this project. Stay tuned for details.

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