Monarch Ridge Logging

03 September
Categories : Mountain Ops
Posted by Scott Pressly

The timber work on Monarch Ridge has begun. The USFS is leading this project on the ridgeline across from the ski area. We have a great view of it from the Admin offices and just about anywhere on the mountain. The timber specialists at the Salida Ranger District contracted with Miller Timber Services out of Philomath, Oregon. This outfit utilizes Ponsee Winch Assist machines that harvest, process and forward the trees. These things are beasts! They have two of them on the job site. Hoping to get over there with our USFS timber contact to watch it work. Things are looking different over there already and I’m thinking that there may be a new backcountry skiing zone this winter on Monarch Pass.

Monarch Ridge Logging
Monarch Ridge Logging
Monarch Ridge Logging
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